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The most popular running kids wakeboard camp in the UK!

We run dedicated 8 – 16 year old cable sessions on a Saturday & Sunday Morning during the summer. As well as Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the summer holidays!

Running between 10:00 - 12:00. 

Kids Club operates on our main four corner cable where the system is run at a slower speed, extra instructors are on hand and a rescue boat is available for pick ups from the far corners. 

Kids club is suitable for everyone from first timers to advanced youth riders. We create a fun, inclusive and family friendly environment dedicated to kids wakeboarding development.

Kids club is perfect for children looking to keep active in the off season of their main sports or for children looking for a new way to get outdoors and
become active. 

The straight line cable is available for any children who want either; a one to one lesson for their first time before heading out onto the main cable, or children who have struggled on the main cable session and require further coaching in an easier environment. 

You do not necessarily have to go on the straight line cable first. First timers on the main session will begin on a kneeboard then progress onto a wakeboard as they learn the art of negotiating the route around the cable park. 



£24 PP inc all Kit.
2 hour session on our main 4 corner cable park. 


£55PP inc all Kit. 
30 minute lesson on our straight line cable with one to one instruction. 


Development squad runs on a Tuesday evening throughout the summer. 

Operating during the main cable hours, members and 1 or 2 hour ticket holders can take part at no extra cost. 

Development squad offers a progression path once a child outgrows Kids Club. We have a dedicated coach during the session who will help any young wakeboarders learning new tricks either off the flat water or across our range of features. 

Keep an eye on our socials over the summer as we announce dates where professional wakeboarders will be attending to assist with the coaching!


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